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24th August Sunday

posted Aug 26, 2014, 5:26 PM by Andrew Glover   [ updated Aug 28, 2014, 6:51 AM ]
Today we head up to Kasuga and tomorrow the training starts, can't wait.  We had to be out the hotel by 10 am.  Unfortunately there was a communication break down and no one had booked the mini cab taxi and they were all booked out, so we had to get 3 taxi's instead.  It was a bit of a pain AND cost more than it should have but on the plus side the taxi drivers did not get lost!  That is 2 cab ride in a row now, this winning streak can't last for ever.  

Despite the delay we still could not get into our rooms, so after we had checked in we left our bags in the lobby and when for a walk to the shops for an hour or so.  Adam and Renee found a very lovely ring.  Once again I am very grateful to have the $5 a day Vodaphone overseas plan, as Renee need to do some quick Internet  banking.  The marvels of modern technology!  Having the Internet while we are out and about has been very good.  Google Maps is a total win!

The afternoon was spent unpacking, relaxing in our rooms and chatting. There was a massive rain storm which also helped to keep us in doors.  Seems that is is the pattern.  Lovely clear hot and humid in the morning, torrential dowpour in the afternoon and then it clears up to more humid and hot.  It was a very pleasant and enjoyable afternoon. The storm however just made the humidity worse, at least the rooms have air conditioning. 

Sensei Bob wanted to have Soba for dinner, so we headed to the Isshin Restaurant, where we had goodSoba last year.  Much to Sensei Bob's great disappointment they no longer do Soba! I was also looking forward to it as well but landed up having a rather good meal anyway.  After that is was some late night shopping and we all headed off to bed.