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23rd August Saturday

posted Aug 25, 2014, 3:55 PM by Andrew Glover   [ updated Aug 25, 2014, 4:24 PM ]
Sensei Bob is still recovering from a very nasty virus and decided to have a relaxing day by himself while the rest of us headed to Shuri Castle via the monorail. It was nice to approach the Castle from a different angle this time. Having seen it before took nothing away from the magnificence of it. As this was the only thing on the agenda for the day, it was really nice to take a very leisurely stroll around the place.   

They have been doing some restoration work and there was a whole new section completed this year. The wood still has that fresh cut smell and look. It is really spectacular. There is a new section where you can have tea and Okniawan cakes. It was too good an opportunity to past up so Rene, Adam and I par took.   

We had planned to be done by 1 pm, but we were having so much fun we decided to stay longer. Alex and John headed off, while the rest of us stayed and soaked up the beauty and tranquility of the place. 

On the way back to the visitor center, where we had agreed to meet, Adam said he wanted a "moment" with Renee under the Shorimon gates, I knew pretty much instantly that Adam was going to propose. About 15 minutes later a very stunned Renee and very relieved Adam joined me. It was is fantastic to see such a lovely couple and they will make a really great team as husband and wife.  

The 3 of us headed into the visitor center to have some lunch and meet up with Greg and Marina. Renee wanted to let her son Brody know before she told anyone. We had a really great time chatting over a few beers but it was very hard sitting there and not let the cat out the bag! 

As we had a one day rail pass, I decided to ride the monorail from one end to the other, Shuri Castle being the start and Naha Ariport the end. It was a really great way to see the City and it only took about and hour to get back to the hotel.

That night Adam and Renee wanted to go ring shopping and have dinner together, so the rest of us all picked some random restaurant and I certainly had a very nice dinner and a great chat to John. Sensei Bob needed to go the Dojo Bar to meet up the James, the owner, to arrange the tour we are going on. We all decided to join him, you can never have enough of the Dojo Bar. Adam and Renee joined us too and while we were celebrating their engagement we noticed Jessie from Karate by Jessie.

 He is a really great guy and it was fantastic to meet him nd have a chat. He was very accommodating and happy to have his photo taken with us. While all this was going on a film crew came into the Bar and started interviewing Jessie and then us! It was rather daunting just been interviewed with out any preparation or idea of what you were going to be asked. Anyway, maybe we will make it onto Okinawan TV!

After quite a few drinks, and then a few more we headed back to the hotel. Another brilliant day in Okinawa!