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3rd June

posted Jun 3, 2013, 10:19 PM by Andrew Glover   [ updated Jun 3, 2013, 10:38 PM ]

A 9 hour flight is not that taxing and just when I was starting to get cabin fever, there was the beautiful Central Coast and Lion Island.  I wish I could have jumped out the plane right there. 

We landed at 10:20 am and cleared immigration and customs without a hitch. I can highly recommended the new "digital chip" passports and the e-checkin, it makes to process so easy.  I am always struck with how friendly and happy the Australian Customs and Immigration officials are.  I think they are unique, I certainly have never experienced such a greeting into a country anywhere else in the world.   

Fortunately Sensei Bob didn't get held up, despite the small armory of kubudo weapons he had with him!  We said our goodbyes and Adam and I headed to the train station, for a little more hanging around.  Just in case we hadn't had enough!  After what seemed like a particularly slow train trip up we were at Woy Woy, home and I was waving Adam goodbye!

With that our fantastic trip was over.  It was without about one of the most fore filling, educational and humbling trips I have ever had.  

A few things I do know for sure are:
  1. For many years I though I was learning real Karate, when it turns out I was learning "schoolboy" junior Karate.

  2. The majority of people in the Western world have absolutely no idea of the true meaning of being respectful and courteous. 

  3. I will most certainly be returning to Okinawa.
Thank you for reading these posts, I certainly hope that you have enjoyed them.