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31st May

posted Jun 1, 2013, 8:06 AM by Andrew Glover

Slow start to the day today, Adam was all tuckeres out from last nights training and only woke up and about 11.30am.  I caught up on Admin stuffand when Adam finally woke upi we took a walk down to the Post Office to draw some more money and then went to A&W, which is and American fast food joint. The hamburgers are way better than the chicken burgers. I am not really a fastfood person but the thought of Japanese food for lunch just does not appeal to me, so the alternative is American! Not the best in the world, despite all the hoopla!  

After lunch we went back to the hotel and I watched the video of the class and practised kata to make sure that I had all the corrections in my head.  Adam also went through the things he has learnt with Sensei Bob to make sure he had then down pat.  After that Adam and I worked on trying to synchronise Kusanku and kankudai together. After about 4 runs through the kata we had got the timing pretty much in sync. Then we worked on seisan and hangetsu, they worked very well together, with a little more more we will have it looking quite good. 

Sensei Bob, Jeff and I caught a taxi to Uechi Sensei's dojo for the 6 pm class.  Adam decided not come with us and instead walk down to his training for 7.30 pm.  The class was much more informal, Uechi Sensei took Sensei Bob through all the kata, while I did kata with Sensei Jeff and JC (one of the students).  Sensei Bob had to leave at 7 pm to go join Adam at his training. Uechi Sensei got Saduo (the Black Belt) to take Sensei Bob there.  I continued to work through kata with JC, while Uechi Sensei worked with Sensei Jeff.

Towards the end of the class Uechi Sensei got JC and I to do some bag work, it was really fun and I got do do some things that I had never done before. The basic premise was 5 techniques five time on one hand, swap 5x5 on the other, then swap bag holder. Then 3x5, swap hands, 3x5, swap bag holder. Then 2x5, swap hands, 2x5, swap bag holder. Then 1x5, swap hands, 1x5, swap bag holder.

We started with 5 continuous punches, then back hand block and punch, then back fist, spinning back fist, round kick, knee, round knee, thrust  kick, back kick. Suddenly the class was over and that was the end of training.

Uechi Sensei is a true Gentleman in every sense, if I could be half the man he is I would only then start to consider myself as a true karate-ka.  He is such a wonderful, humble man.  I will certainly miss training with him. 

Saduo very kindly took us back to the hotel.  On the way my bag fell over and my phone fell out in his car.  I didn't notice until I got back to the hotel room.  I was not too fussed as Uechi Sensei had offered to take us to the karate Museum in the morning and I knew I could get Saduo's number from Uechi Sensei and arrange to meet Saduo and pick up my phone.

After a quick shower Sensei Jeff and I caught a taxi down to the other Dojo where Sensei Bob and Adam where training, hoping to catch the end of the class, which was meant to finish at 9.30 pm.  We got there at 8.50 pm and they were finished. I was very disappointed as I wanted to video Adam doing the class.  

Iha Sensei took us all out to dinner, we piled into a taxi, 4 in the back seat, and landed up in this tiny place.  We sat on the floor, around a table and drank beer and ate.  We had this weird seaweed stuff, which I actually enjoyed and a then a pork soba, which was quite nice.  Iha Sensei then decided the night was done, as Sensei Bob was not up to a "pub crawl".  

We caught a taxi back to the hotel and after freshening up went to our favourite restaurant for dinner. After that Sensei Jeff, Adam and I decided to go out for a "night cap".  We decided to try a karaoke bar just down from the hotel that looked OK.  When we walked in the signing was very below par, in fact it was awful!  We sat down only to be told "Japanese ONLY", we must look like Americans!  I was quote happy to leave, due to the very bad signing, but it a long time since I have been racially discriminated against.  Really I don't see what all the fuss is about!  We walked up to a bar that Sensei Jeff had been to before. 

This was another karaoke bar but this time it was not so loud and the patrons could actually sing!  I had a great time despite drinking a bit too much!  It was very odd being able to sing along to the Japanese words, yet not having the vaguest clue what the words ment. The bar maids, who are at least 50+, were a total hoot and very entertaining indeed. 

After a few too many beers and much fun we headed back to the hotel.  When we got back the fellow at the reception handed me my phone and said "Uechi bring".  I felt terrible that I had put Uechi Sensei out, he could have just as easily given it to me in the morning, again tit show, to me, the action of a true karate-ka. I shall be more careful of my posetions in the future!

Once again a fantastic day in Okinawa.