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30th May

posted May 30, 2013, 7:08 PM by Andrew Glover

Today is the 38th anniversary of the passing of Tastuo Shimabuku Sensei, may he rest in peace.

We had a big sleep in this morning, eventually I walk down to the shops and left Adam sleeping. I got back at about 10.30 and work him up, with a croissant and mini pizza!  Sense I Bob and Jeff also slept in.  It was a hard training session last night for all of us.

Sensei Bob and Jeff went to Gate Street to get some more sovereigns and Adam and I walked down to the stamp shop to collect our stamps and do a bit more shopping. KFC for lunch, it was OK. Then in the afternoon we just hangout talking and relaxing.  Adam and I can talk for ages about bunkai and Martial Arts, it is very cool.  We are spending a lot of time refining bunkai and applying stuff that we have learnt.  Fun! 

Was hoping to go to Uechi Sensei's class on one of the army bases, but it would have been too hard. You have to be signed in and vetted and a whole load to admin stuff and Uechi Sensei said it would be better if we just went to his Dojo tomorrow night. 

Sensei Jeff has hurt his foot so he decided to not go out and Sensei Bob and Adam went to their raining. I was going to go, but decided to work on my kata, as I want to have then at least half right for tomorrow night. 

Sensei Jeff and I went to or favorite restaurant and watch some crazy Japanese TV, man they do so weird stuff on TV, it would just not work in the Western World, well maybe on MTV!  Sensei Bob and Adam joined us after their training, Sensei Bob was in a really good mood, the nigth had gone particularly well for them.  Then it was back to the hotel and bed.

A relaxing but great day in Okinawa!