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2nd June

posted Jun 3, 2013, 10:18 PM by Andrew Glover   [ updated Jun 3, 2013, 10:20 PM ]

Uechi Sensei came and picked us up at 8 am to take us to the airport.  As we had plenty of time he took us through the back streets instead of the toll road.  It was great to see more of Okinawa.   It seems very odd that the Domestic Terminal is huge and the International Terminal is absolutely tiny.  So small in fact that the flights are written on a white board!  However when I learned that Okinawa gets over 2000 Japanese visitors as day and about a few hundred international visitors a week it starts to make sense.  

Thus began our very long journey home and the first of the hanging around.  The 11 am flight to Taipei was uneventful and is really a "hop", it only takes a little over an hour.  I had thought that we had a 2 hour wait in Taipei.  Turns out is was 12 hours, our flights had changed so we could all fly together. 

Sitting around an airport for 12 hours is BORING!  Luckily they have reclining seats, loads of power points and free wifi.  However there is only so much Facebook, newspaper and YouTube one can take.  We landed up in a restaurant/bar with nice leather sofas and a Taiwan video commercial  on continual loop, which nearly drove us crazy. At least the sound was off. 

By 11 pm I was almost glad to to get on the plane.  Adam and I scored a win again and we both had two seats to ourselves.  I managed to curl up and get a fitful 6 hours doze.  Adam managed about 1 hour, but he did watch a lot of movies!