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28th May

posted May 28, 2013, 11:53 PM by Andrew Glover

I was up early, while Mr Sleepy Head (Adam) had a good sleep.  As he said its not his fault I can't get back to sleep once I wake up.  He enviably can.  So I put all the clothes in the drier. 

At 9:30am the taxi driver friend of Tokumura Sensei was there to pick us up to take us to training.  It was nice to not get lost for a change.  There was a lot less talking this time and we went out side next to what we were later to discover is a World War II memorial to all the Okinawans from Tokumura Sensei's village who were killed.  His Grandmother and Grandfather are in the honour roll, which on reflection made it more special.  

Tokumura Sensei taught us an Eku Kata (not sure of the name).  Sensei Bob and Jeff know it, but it was all new to Adam and I.  It is not a hard kata, but Tokumura Sensei is very picky on how things are done.  I don't think he realised that Adam and I didn't know the kata, let along had never picked up an Eku before.  He seemed mostly happy with us though as we were invited back to train tomorrow.  There were a few things that we struggled with, but we got it mostly right.  It was quite amazing to be training outside under the trees looking over the ocean.  Somehow that is how I had pictured training in Okinawa.  I am glad we got the opportunity.  After about 2 hours of training, we were done.  

Tokumura Sensei dropped us off at the local Katsuren Castle.  It is quite spectacular, Sensei Bob explained that it has been under restoration for a long time and every year they have done a bit more, so alot of it was new to him.  Which was nice for a change.  We walked up to the top and got loads of really great photos and videos.  It will be nice to see how much more they have done next year. 

We got back to the hotel with not very much time to spare before we headed out to Iha Sensei's.  Sensei Jeff obviously didn't come, but I am really keen to try some Shorin Ryu.  When we got there, there was one other student a US Army guy who was a white belt.  He has been training for 4 months, I was relieved that there was another newby there.  Just after the class started 2 teenager 3 Kyus can in, a guy and girl.  It was just as hot as Monday night and within minutes of training I was dripping wet.  I found it really easy to switch from Isshin Ryu, which was nice to know I still can!  

After starting out with fukyu daini, thankfully we remembered it from last night with Uechi Sensei, we did a bunch of line drills, not dissimilar to any other style of karate.  Then we got to do partner work, which was very similar to Isshin Ryu sandan kumite but with a twist at the end.  Adam and I were together to start with, was me defending.  So I got to make all the mistakes!  Then we did a bunch of kubudo stuff that I had no idea about!  Still is was fun.  Then we got to do some conditioning work.  I beat Adam to the makiwara, it was not a very nice one.  It is wall mounted and the foam inside is unevenly worn.  One miss hit and twisted all skew.  It also made a heck of a sound when you hit it.   Which Adam and I did with glee.  It was really good to hit something again!  Before we knew it the class was over and we were soaked to the bone!  We decided to walk home, which was a little more than 2 blocks, it took us over an hour! 

 By the time we got the the restaurant it was gone 11:30pm!  Eating that late is not good, and it was 1:00am by the time we got to bed.