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26th May

posted May 26, 2013, 6:46 PM by Andrew Glover

Another slow start to the day, a night cap turned out to be more than 1 for Sensei Bob and Jeff.  Adam and I have a major problem, we have run out of cash and there is 1 ATM in town that takes our card (plenty take Japanese Bank and City Bank only) and that is in the Post Office, which is no good on a Sunday. So we are on borrowed money lesson learned, bring cash!

The destination today is the Aquarium, something I am very excited to see.  The largest tank in the world and the only one that holds 3 whale sharks. This time we got a taxi driver who spoke English-ish but was a terrible driver who drove a taxi whose radiator cap needed a new car!  He was also incapable of sitting at one speed on the highway, speed 80kph. He spent the whole time accelerating/decelerating. Every time you could here the drive train slamming in. The shock absorbers were non-existent. Still we got to Aquarium and the taxi driver saved us money by stopping at a shop that sold entry tickets. 

The Aquarium was really worth it. The whale sharks and rays in the main tank were awesome, truly a sight to see.  Then Adam and I were blown away by the Native Okinawan village, despite going the wrong around, it was quite an experience. We did get rained few times, but that only added to the atmosphere. 

We decided to try the bus on the way home but got as far as O-Nishi, which cost just about the same the taxi! So we decided to catch a taxi, another win! This guy had a GPS, spoke English and drove a half decent car! Cool techno geek moment, he typed in the post code and then phone number for the address, cool.  We arrived on time and in budget, win!

Sensei Bob wanted soba, and we landed up in a place called 'isshin',which we thought was pretty cool! I had my first vegetable soba (with bacon), it was really nice. Then as training starts tomorrow we all decided to have the night in and catch up on administration etc.