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25th May

posted May 26, 2013, 6:40 PM by Andrew Glover   [ updated Aug 19, 2014, 12:54 AM ]

We broke Adam! And slightly broke Andrew! The head is not too strong today, won't be doing that again soon.  After a somewhat slow start to the day, Sensei Bob lead us on a walking tour of Uruma, which was Agena, which was Chan village and that was where Tatsu Shimabuku Sensei taught. Walked up to Issuing Ryu World Karate Association which is run by Kichiro Shimabuku. He must have been in a hurry or something because when Sensei Bob greeted him he didn't even acknowledge our presence and walked off. Still it was nice to get a brief look at the last surviving son of Tatsuo Shimabuku Sensei.  Maybe next time he won't be in such a hurry.

Sensei Bob gave us more of a history lesson as we walked around.  Sadly the original Dojo has long since been knocked down to make way for a partially built road.  Oddly part of the old Sai  makers house was still standing, not for long by the look of it though.

Eating has been a bit sporadic, but Adam was in need of a pick up so we settled on KFC, my first in about 5 years.  Fortunately there were pictures, my zinger as really nice.  Not oily at all, the portions where a bit small though. It fixed Adam and me too.

Sensei Bob had told us about a stamp makers shop, where they will make up custom kanji, Hiragana and Katakana stamps for us. I actually got excited about stamps! Niki will be so happy but not at the cost, Adam and I spent quite alot more than we planned to. But I think the stamps will be worth it when we get them. I am not sure if they come with an ink pad (which of course must be red), we shall find out on Thursday.

Agena Castle was our next stop and it was well worth the trip. Compared to Shuri Castle it is very run down and dilapidated, but there is very a magical air about the place. They were doing some clean up and if they keep going it will be very impressive indeed. Fun fact, the Castle was placed under-siege 3 times and each time the besiegers won, reason begin there was no well in the Castle! The fund thing was it happened to 3 kings in a row. You would have thought the second guy would a have figured it out (seen as that's how he won the castle) and the third guy, who did the same, well the mind boggles, no wonder he was the last King!

When we got back to the hotel Iha Sensei was there to say hello, which was a little uncomfortable s we were not prepared for him.  Adam and I tried to rush ahead so we could tidy our room before he came up for a drink. He arrived before we could, but it was fun to have a few beers with him in or room. Another surreal moment, 10th Dan founder of Ryukonkai in our hotel room having a laugh drinking beer! He does not speak much English, so we had a very funny iPhone Google translate conversation. Be warned Google has some improvements to do! Adam and I decided to call it a night, but Sensei Bob and Jeff decided to go for a night cap.