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Reishiki: Formal ceremony of courtesy, respect and gratitude to begin and end the classes at our dojo.

Every class starts and ends with Reishiki.

Students line up facing the front of the Dojo (Shomen), highest rank on the right down to lowest on the left, standing in heiko datchi.

Sensei will be facing the students. 

The highest ranked student will call the bow in and out as follows:

  • Musubi datchi : All will stand in musubi datchi, heels touching and feet angled at 45 degrees.

  • Shomen Ni Tais : Sensei will turn and face the front of the dojo where our shrine/photos are displayed.

  • Mokuso Rei : Close eyes and bow  (for about 15 - 20 seconds)
    Bowing to the front of the dojo where our shrine/photos are displayed, showing sincere appreciation to the past and present masters of our lineage in passing down the pure authentic teachers of a lifetime study with true heart and soul.

  • No Rei : Stop bowing and open your eyes.

  • Sensei Ni Rei : Students bow to the Sensei.
    Bowing to sensei, showing sincere appreciation for the lifetime commitment of previous hardships of serious study, and the dedication to teach each and every class personally, in order to provide the students of our Dojo with the highest quality education, recognizing each and every student on individual merit, and most importantly, not sacrificing the ideal nature and values of tradition and keeping our standards in highest regard.

  • Otage Ni Rei : Everyone bows together.
    Bowing together at the same time showing sincere courtesy, respect and appreciation in willingness to work together and support each other in true spirit and harmony without prejudice. 

    At the start of the class, Sensei will say
  • Yame : All will go into heiko datchi and class will start.

    At the end of the class, Sensei will say
  • Domo Arigato Gosai Mashita: Showing sincerity and appreciation in thanking all for their attendance and training. 

    Students will reply 
  • Doi tashi mashite : Students thank Sensei for teaching them.

  • Bowing to each other.
    The highest ranked student then walks to the Sensei, bows and says "Domo arigato".
    The Sensei will bow and reply "Doi tashi mashite". 
    They will shake hands thanking each other for their help in training.
    The Student will then stand beside the Sensei, they then say  "Domo arigato" when the next students comes down the line.

    This continues until all have bowed to each other.
Bowing in the Dojo :  Should not be confused with any kind of religion.  Bowing in the dojo is simply the same as a sincere handshake of camaraderie.  A traditional symbol representing the nature of its peaceful origin of respect for each other. It is also a mark of respect to bow when entering and leaving the Dojo. There is no need to bow each time you come and go from the training area.