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One to the unique things about Isshin Ryu is the use of the vertical fist when punching.  Most Karate Styles predominantly use the classical twist (horizontal) punch, striking with the knuckles of the fore finger and the index finger.  In Japaneses this is "seiken tsuki" (two knuckle punch).  Many Karate Styles also use the vertical punch or "tate tsuki". 

As Isshin Ryu does not use the horizontal punch, we refer to our punches as "seiken tsuki", however to be correct it should be "seiken tate tsuki".

When specifying a technique it is normal to state the level, then the movement (if required) and then the technique i.e. chudan oi tsuki = stomach lunge punch.

Finally, the Internet is a treasure trove of information, but here are a few things to be aware of as far as Karate Terminology goes:
  • Sometime techniques are written with a hyphen, sometimes not
    i.e. oi tsuki or oi-tsuki (we use the hyphen)

  • There are sometimes a number of terms for a particular technique
    i.e Crane stance : tsuru-no-iwa-dachi or tsuru-ashi-dachi or gankaku-dachi

  • Sometimes "words" are left out of a technique
    i.e. jodan uke or jodan age-uke

  • Sometimes a particular word is used for different techniques in different Styles
    (we'll let you discover those, its part of the fun!)

So the following is by no means a definitive list.

 Head (upper)  jodan
 Stomach (middle)  chudan
 Groin (lower)

All strikes can, conceivably, be done at any level.

 Punch  tsuki
    Lunge punch
    Reverse punch
    Jab punch
 Roundhouse punch
 Vertical back fist
 Side back fist
 yoko uraken-uchi
 Hammer fist
 Palm heel strike
 Finger strike
 Knife hand strike  shuto-uchi
 Reverse knife hand strike
 Ridge hand strike
 Upper elbow strike
 hiji ate-uchi
 Round elbow strike
 mawashi empi-uchi

Blocks (are normally described with the level included, you can't really do a rising groin block!)
 Rising head block  jodan age-uke
 Middle inside block
 chudan uchi-uke (this can also be done head level)
 Middle outside block
 chudan soto-uke (this can also be done head level)
 Down groin block
 Double block
 Open hand palm forward block
 with grab and pull
 tegata-barai (both head and stomach)
 Hooking block, 
 open hand  palm forward
 Hooking block, 
 open hand  palm backward
 Pressing (cover) down block
 Sweeping down block
 X-block  juji-uke
 Double open hand side block
 morote shotei-uke
 Mountain block
 Foot sweep
 Knee block

 Front snap kick  mae-geri
 Heel or trust kick
 Knee kick
 soba-geri (aka. sokuto-geri)
 Cross over heel stomp
 soba-konate (aka. fumikomi-geri)
 Side kick
 Side squat kick
 Knee smash
 Back kick
 Roundhouse kick
 Hook kick
 Crescent kick
 Jumping kick
 Front jumping kick
 Side jumping kick

 Parallel(ready) stance  heiko-dachi
 Feet together stance
 Heels together (attention) stance  musubi-dachi
 Front stance
 Horse stance
 shiko-dachi (aka. seiunchin-dachi)
 Forward stance

 Hourglass stance
 Back leaning stance
 Cat stance
 Crane stance
 Straddle stance
 naihanchi-dachi (aka. uchi-hachji-dachi)
 Hooked leg stance

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