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Self Defence

Master Shimabuku's Self Defence

These self-defense techniques were taught by Master Shimabuku.  The majority of them come from the various Isshin Ryu kata and other kata's that Master Shimabuku learnt but did not include in the Isshin Ryu syllabus.

Part 1

1. Attack: Straight punch with right fist.
        a. Block arm to outside with left hand, punch right to solar plexus. (non-preferred)
        b. Block punch to inside with right hand, punch left to solar plexus. (preferred)
        c. Step to rear with left foot, punch solar plexus with right. (Naihanchi punch)
        d. Shoulder (elbow) block with left side, follow with back fist left. (Sunsu kata)
        e. Push block (Sunsu arm break). Option: bring opponent's arm over your shoulder. (Originally from Sunsu kata)

2. Attack: Twist punch with right fist.
          a. Knuckles (either hand) to back of hand.
        b. Backfist (either hand) to back of hand.
    Attack: Vertical punch with right fist.
         c. Left hand knuckles to outside of hand.
        d. Right hand backfist to outside of hand.

3. Attack: Right Kick
          a. Basic left hand down block (non-preferred), counter kick to groin.
        b. Cross arm block (both hands in fist), counter kick to groin.
        c. Left hand push (palm) leg to inside (preferred), counter kick to groin.
        d. Block with knee (wansu), counter kick to groin.
        e. Basic left hand down block to outside, grab leg, grab adam's apple, right foot step behind attack left foot, trip, 
        knee down on top of groin, lean forward against his leg and punch.

4. Attack: Punch with right fist.
         a. Block with both hands and hold arm, push against punch from other side.
        b. Use (a) against left kick.
        c. Use (a) against right kick,
        d. Use (a) against backfist attack by spinning in direction of attack and twisting up.

Part 2

1. Attack: Wrist grabs:

        a. Attacker's left hand holding right wrist:
                Pull arm up and to outside against thumb using Isshin Ryu fist. Use leverage, no force. Punch with either hand        
                (Seisan and Sunsu start)
        b. Attacker holds one wrist with 2 hands:
                Grab hand with freehand. Step in and rotate elbow up against thumb striking midsection, then elbow strike.
                Option 1: Same, but rotate elbow over the top and strike going down. 
                Option 2: After grabbing hand, jerk away forcefully and elbow into the body.
        c. Attacker holds right wrist with his left, from side position.
                Lock hand in place, elbow up and over attacker's with arm bar while stepping into seiunchin stance.
        d. Attacker holds right wrist with his right:
                Lift right hand up and go left over attacker's thumb brining hand back to neck, left palm heel, then right shuto                                                             
                or backfist.
        e. Attacker holds right wrist with right from top:
                Use left hand to trap attacker's hand. Right hand rotate and grab, step back right, pull hard, down to knee,
                secure with arm bar.
                Option 1: Bring both hands to hip and punch. (chinto)
                Option 2: Step directly in with arm bar. (Note: also works on other side)

2. Lapel grabs and front choke holds

        a. Attacker grabs lapel with one hand:
                Reach over hand, grab thumb, wrist lock, twist to outside, toe ripping or heel thrust kick. 
                Variation: Kick groin then step behind his leg, twist arm down to drop him, arm bar against your leg when he is                                                    
                down and break arm.
        b. Attacker grabs lapel with both hands:
                Grab both arms and do ripping kick. (Sunsu)
        c. If attacker sweeps remaining leg in (b):
                Fall on side still holding arms and kick up from ground.
        d. Attacker cross choke hold:
                Grab both arms and pull down, knee to face/solar plexus, front kick, step behind, trip (as in Judo), same side    
                leg to where you pull him down.

3. Full Nelson and Rear Strangle Hold

        a. Full Nelson: Drive arms down, hip into attacker, chop groin.
        b. Full Nelson: Drive arms down, hip into attacker, reach down between legs and grab one of attacker's legs with     
        crossed arms and pull up, kick into attacker's groin.
        c. Full Nelson: Drive arms down, hip into attacker, step outside attacker and grab leg with outer arm behind his leg,     
        list off ground, chop groin.
        d. Full Nelson: Relax arms, lift arms straight up and drop body weight, from sitting position roll back and kick. If he  
        is still holding on, rotate body and kick up into face and body.
        e. Back neck breaker and choke hold (strangle hold): Turn chin into attacker's elbow, step to side and chop or 
        grab his groin. Other hand push up vertical into the air

4. Bear hugs and head locks.

        a. Bear hug waist with arms free: Grab any finger and break, or hit back of hand (door knocker).
        b. Bear hug around arms and waist: Step to either side and grab groin. Option: Same as basic #15.
        c. Head lock: Step behind, grab groin from rear, other hand behind his neck, throw forward.
        d. Head lock: Knucle in his side to pressure point in side of ribs.
        e. Head lock: Drop body weight, fall to ground with lefs out in front, kicks to atacker's leg/side.
         f. Head lock: Apply pressure behind knee with both thumbs and drive knee to ground.

5. Devil's hand shake.

        a. Grab your trapped fist, pull away and kick to side/hack of attacker's knee at the same time.
        b. Double grabs: Somersault over backwards, kick to back of knee, etc.

6. Hammer Lock: Elbow strike with other arm.

Part 3

1. Defence from the ground.

        a. Attacker on top with knees pinning arms to ground: raise knees up kicking attacker from rear causing him to go
        b. Two hand straight choke: Break (chop arm from inside to outside with left hand), grab adam's apple with right, 
        knee up for push, roll to left, right elbow into groin.
        c. Cross arm choke: Same as (b).
        d. Smother hold from front: Same as Judo front scarf hold. Knuckles into his sides to pressure points.

2. Knife Defences (right hand attack)

        a. Straight stab: Palm push block with left hand, 'snag' (grab) knife hand, apply wrist lock and twist, kick groin,
        step behind, trip and takedown, cross kick to head or groin.
        b. Ice pick stab or hammer: Left open hand block and grab, shuto to neck, kick groin, step behind, trip and
        takedown, lock arm against leg and cross kick to head or groin. Option: Wansu, throw.
        c. Straight Stab: Holding both hands high, chop block to outside using woth hands, kick groin (kotekitai drill). Note:
        for double attack, chop to one side and squat kick as in basics and Sunsu.
        d. Straight Stab leaning forward: Grab knife hand with both of yours, step back and pull down to ground, knee or 
        arm bar.
        e. Two knife straight stab (simultaneous): Push/Chop both knives to the outside, front kick.

3. General Choke Holds

        a. How to apply.
        b. How to break.