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Megami Patch

Brief meaning of the Megami

3 Stars - The stars are in the position of one (-) in kanji and mean one or ichi and is the "is" in Isshin Ryu. They represent heart, as shown in the heart of scorpio, or "Shin". They also represent Shimabuku's teachers:
Geneku Shinko (uncle), Chotoku Kyan (Shurite-Tomarite, Shorinryu), Chojun Miyagi (Nahate, Goju Ryu), Choki Motobu (Shurite, Shorinryu), Shinken Taira (Kobudo).

They also represent the following triads:
Shorin Ryu (mother)/Goju Ryu (father)/Issin Ryu (baby)
Shorin Ryu/Goju Ryu/Kobudo

Night - The unknown (The stars, Tatsuo Shimakuku's teachers light up the darkness)
Woman's upper body - Karate can be gentle as a woman
Dragon's lower body - Karate can be as fierce as a dragon
Goddess' calm face - Be calm in adversity
Turbulent water - Danger of evil which is always present.
Left hand open - (Soft) - Talk your way out if possible
Right hand closed - (Hard) - Use force only as a last resort, and then only what is necessary
Dragon in the sky - (Heaven) - Tatsuo who is the energy of Isshin Ryu moves endlessly from earth to heaven. Dragon (Tatsuo) can also be written "ryu" and is pronounced the same as ryu (war, style, or mode). Its hidden meaning - the ryu of Isshin Ryu
Tiger in Headdress - (Earth) - The dragon represents the spirit and the earth represents the matter. The dragon is male and the tiger is female. Both must be in harmony with each other to become united as one mind and body. 
Gold border - Karate is golden and pure annd is a discipline that must not be misused

The Isshin Ryu patch was conceived and designed by Arcenio J. Advincula.  He was taught the meaning behind the Megami by Shimabuku himself.

Source O.I.K.A