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Tatsuo Shimabuku

Tatsuo Shimabuko 1908 - 1975

Master Shinkichi Shimabuku was born and raised in Okinawa (a small island off the coast of Japan formerly known as the Ryukyu islands) in a village called Chan (pronounced Chun) otherwise known as Kyan, now known as Kinaka in Gushikawa City. Some say he was born in 1906 but most say it was in 1908. Some also believe that his birth certificate was the 9th. The date believed to be correct is September 19th 1908. Kana was his Okinawan name, his Japanese name was Shinkichi.

At around the age 23-24 Master Shimabuku began his formal karate training by traveling to Kadena to study with Chotoku Kyan (1870-1945) and Okinawan Tode Master by this time he was around 5 foot 2 inches and weighed about 120 pounds and would remain at this height and close to the same weight for the rest of his lief. It was from Master Kyan that Master Shimabuku learned the basic sai and bo kata such as Tokumine No Kun bo and Kusanku sai as well as Kyan No Sai from Master Kyan.

Later in life, Master Shimabuku also studied kobudo under Master Shinken Taira (1897-1970) who was a student of Moden Yabiki. From Master Shinken Master Shimakuku learned Urashi Bo, Shishi-No Kun Bo, Mi-Youshi Bo, Tsi-Yoi Bo, Nippon Sai, Chatanyara-No Sai, Hamahiga No Tuifa, Katusan-No Ki, Kiken-No Ki Nunchaku Kata and a Kama Kata. It is also speculated that at this time Master Shimabuku also learned Bo-Bo and Bo-Sai Kumite techniques/Routines