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We are extremely focused on teaching and thus developing true, dedicated Martial Artists who are good, honourable people that are respected and valued members of their Community.  We believe that living by and adhering to the seven virtues of Bushido is the corner stone of being a true Martial Artists.  Unfortunately some people perceive Martial Arts as only learning how to punch and kick or just simply to fight.  This perception sadly even extends to some people actively practicing martial arts today.

We, however, firmly believe and know that Martial Arts are about much more than just learning how to punch and kick.  For us Martial Arts is primarily about developing and improving ones character and indeed this was the goal of the original Okinawan Karate Masters.  The self-defence aspect is vitally important but they understood, as we do, the only way to not get hurt in an altercation is to avoid the altercation all together.  Though should that not be possible, it is preferable that the aggressor(s) and not you are the ones who get hurt.

Through physical exercise, continuous learning and being continually challenged to improve oneself, a true Martial Artist develops into a humble, respectful individual, who is looked up to and respected by others.  Today many Karate Masters in Okinawa, and around the world, are not only highly respected for their Karate abilities but also leaders and pillars of their Communities who all people turn to for advice and guidance.  It is our Mission that we and our Students strive towards this honourable goal.

The journey of Marital Arts is often compared to the journey one takes when walking up to and climbing a mountain.  As would be expected it is a long and sometimes tough journey, however it should also be fun, enjoyable and filled with friends.  We would be honoured to share your journey with you, to perhaps start you on the path or maybe to help you along the way.  We welcome new students who have never trained in the Martial Arts and existing Practitioners who maybe want to try something a little different.

The seven virtues of Bushido:
  1. Honour
  2. Benevolence
  3. Rectitude
  4. Honesty
  5. Courage
  6. Loyalty
  7. Respect

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"If you want people to think well of you do not speak well of yourself" - Blaise Pascal