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Dojo Etiquette

  1. Utmost respect will be shown to all Instructors and fellow Students at all times.
    Misconduct during class may be grounds for dismissal.

  2. The head instructor will be called Sensei and shown respect at all times whilst in the Dojo.

  3. Any Tsuzukete member who is involved in fights or who gets into trouble with the law (for ANY reason) is to inform their Instructor as soon as possible.  Failure to do so may result in expulsion from Tsuzukete.

  4. Never correct a senior student or Instructor, if in doubt ask respectfully for clarification.

  5. Never challenge, or select, a senior student or Instructor when doing partner work or sparring.

  6. Students should be ready and willing to learn and train hard.
    Try to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class and start warming up and stretching.

  7. A respectful bow will be given when entering or leaving the workout area.

  8. If you arrive late, or wish to re-join the class, you must wait at the side of the workout area until the Sensei bows you in.

  9. If you need to leave the class, walk behind the other students to the side and wait for the Sensei to bow you out.  
    Never walk between the Instructor and other students.

  10. Absolutely no techniques and sparring are to be practiced without supervision.

  11. All sparring is NON contact.

  12. Cleanliness of gi, all equipment and body must be maintained at all times.  
    Equipment should be washed regularly.  All nails are to be kept short and clean.

  13. No shoes or jewelry (watches, chains, earrings, rings, piercings etc) are to be worn on the workout area. 
    Only wedding rings may be worn.

  14. No food is to be eaten in the Dojo.

  15. Students should not sit on chairs or tables, lean on mirrors or walls or fold their arms whilst in the Dojo, unless instructed too so.

  16. No unnecessary talking or giggling and definitely NO swearing.
    Only one person should be talking at a time.

  17. Students are encouraged to respectfully ask questions during or after class, without interrupting the Instructor.

  18. MOST IMPORTANTLY - have fun, train hard and learn.

These can be downloaded here